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Live presence is the base of Rock n´Roll - this statement always applied, but drastically became more impact in times of decreasing CD sales.Formerly, touring had the main goal to promote the artist´s new record and generate licensing income. Meanwhile, this changed fundamentally: Touring became the main income source for established artists. For newcomers it´s still the most important marketing tool to create an own fanbase.From the beginning on we committed ourselves in the live sector and have established an independent and successfully working concert agency with a worldwide reputation.No matter if small club or large auditorium, festival, single show or extensive international tour - we are very experienced with a global network in touring business.We focus on the individual demands and requirements of our artists and offer a wide range of services they can choose from: Beginning with a simple contract agreement , up to a full touring service including stage production, crew, catering, sleeper bus, flights, VISA, working permits, hotel, accounting, advertisement, etc.All over the world we co-operate with top-promoters and agencies to guarantee our artists a suitable surrounding and a highly professional treatment.Within our 30+ years of experience, we booked more than 2.000 concerts in 45 countries all over the world, including Europe, North and South America, South East Asia, Australia and Russia.

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